After talking with a friend today, we decided that healthy living is not all about what you eat and what you do to stay in shape. It is also about being healthy mentally and surrounding yourself with positiveness (not a word I know haha), but seriously a positive atmosphere promotes healthy living.

I think it is important to take the time to make the people around you feel special. That’s why I have declared Thursdays, “Thoughtful Thursday.”

Today’s thoughtfulness is all about compliments. We never know the true power behind a compliment and how it can make someone feel. We can all find at least one thing  that we like about a certain person, and all you have to do to give a compliment is use your words, no cost or risk involved!! Too often we think to ourselves, “man, I really like her hair today” or “I love her new shoes” but how often do we really express our feelings without moving onto the next thought?

So, to make sure that I do my part in being thoughtful everyday, I make certain that I give at least five compliments. Once that is mastered then you can always move the number up! Now go make someone’s day brighter! 🙂


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